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Water Everywhere projects will create a decentralized infrastructural system and integrate itself into the cities’ waterfront experience. The infrastructural systems will be scalable and adaptable to various maritime sites. Istanbul, one of the proposed pilot cities, will have a physical connection from mainland Istanbul to Prince’s Island, using the overgrown solar stills to feed various public programs with potable water. 

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Public Parks

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Mixed-Use Development

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Research and Civic Centers

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Floating Farms


On warm days, the enlarged stills can evaporate seawater in their catchment.

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During rainy days or season, the still tops can be inverted to serve as a rain catcher.

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Water Everywhere Solar Stills are being used to desalinate seawater in order to use as irrigation for the floating farm on sea.


Water Everywhere studies the prospect of a new solar still technology that sustainably desalinates the seawater. The stills make use of a plasmonic absorber, which can be fashioned out of aluminum— an abundant and affordable metal. Larger scale versions of the traditional water stills can be manufactured to simulate the science of traditional floating solar stills to distill seawater, but with higher output and efficiency. The overgrown stills can then be installed as large public sculptures along waterfronts and beachfronts in order to evaporate seawater in its catchment in the warmer sunny seasons. During rainy seasons, the still tops can be inverted to serve as a rain catcher. It can be deployed in any major city that is adjacent to the waterfront. The system can be scaled as large as a public infrastructure project such as a water farm, or it can be as small as a drinking station. Water Everywhere will promote sustainably harvested water, and space for public engagement. 

Site: Siteless

Program: Urban and Infrastructural Development

Size: Scalable

Year: 2018

Status: Open Competition